Do Renuva's CoreCare Treatment Works

If you are one of the 115 million Americans that suffer from chronic pain, then you likely know how overwhelming and frustrating it can be to find solutions that provide pain relief.

Fortunately, there is good news and reason for hope. New data shows improvements among 1,420 patients who completed Renuva’s non-surgical and drug-free CoreCare™ treatments.

83% of patients reported an improvement in how their pain was affecting their ability to function (do everyday activities) and their mood (psychosocial status)**
69% of patients reported an improvement in their ability to sit or stand**
Patients reported an average 76% reduction in their need to use pain medication to control their pain.**
Patients reported an average 84% reduction in their need to see doctors for their pain.**
Patients reported an average 70% reduction in their pain interfering with recreational activities and hobbies that are important to them.**
Patients reported an average 77% reduction in feeling depressed, tense or anxious as a result of their pain.**
Pain Injections
No Hospital
Hospital admission
No Pain
Painful recovery
Soreness at insertion
No Anesthesia
Anesthesia required
Local Anesthesia
No Injections
Risk of infection
Risk of infection
No Missed Work
Out of work for weeks
Possibly 1-3 days
No Harmful Side Effects
Possible Complications
Possible Complications
Fast Results
Weeks to months
Only last 2-3 months
Pain Relief Achieved
40% to 80% (vaires)
50% to 80% (vaires)

*Results based on patients who completed the Pain Disability Questionnaire (PDQ) before and after completing Renuva's CoreCare treatments. “The PDQ is the psychometric tool of choice for assessing pain” as cited in the American Medical Association‘s Guides, Sixth Editions. Data was collected between 2011 and 2016, across five Renuva clinics in four different states.

The PDQ was specifically developed for evaluating clinical outcomes in a population of patients with disabling musculoskeletal disorders, primarily involving the spine. Unlike many other measures, this instrument is designed for any musculoskeletal disorders, rather than low back pain alone. Psychosocial variables, which have been shown to play an integral role in the development and maintenance of chronic disability, are also a component of the PDQ.

**Averages based on patients that reported an improvement.

What to Expect

Here is everything you should expect during the initial $39* visit:

  • An in-depth consultation about your pain and case history
  • A complete neuromuscular evaluation (including X-Rays, if needed)
  • A thorough analysis of the Doctor’s findings to determine if Renuva can help
  • Two CoreCare™ treatments so you can experience the treatments firsthand

Our Promise To Patients


At your consultation, we’ll listen to your unique case so we can understand your history and how your pain is preventing you from doing the things you want and need to do.


Questions such as:

  • What is causing my pain? Can Renuva help my pain?
  • How do the treatments work?
  • How many treatments will I need?

You can even ask us our thoughts about the current season of Dancing With the Stars!


If Renuva’s CoreCare™ treatments are not right for you, we’ll tell you and help you find another doctor or treatment, if possible.

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