How You Can Treat Your Pain Without Medication or Surgery?

Dr. Michael Riley, DC
Dr. Michael Riley, DC
Founder, Renuva Back & Pain Centers
How You Can Treat Your Pain Without Medication or Surgery?

Back pain, neck pain, sciatica, Neuropathy, and other pain steals the moments you love and treasure most in life – vacationing, sports, gardening, walking, and playing with your kids and grandkids. Don’t lose hope! I know how frustrating it is to have hope that a treatment, drug, or supplement is going to cure you, but it doesn’t. You spend your hard earned money on something that doesn’t work only to be continually let down by claims of healing that just don’t happen. There is no miracle cure. But, there is hope! My patients are getting relief from back pain, neck pain, Sciatica, and Neuropathy and returning to their life!

The Cause of Most Pain

But, before I tell you about my proprietary treatment protocol, let’s start with the cause of most pain. Over time, due to injury, poor posture, and other complications, the discs in your back compresses, become misaligned, bulge, and start degenerating. The nerves become irritated and send pain signals, which becomes chronic. In order to relieve the pain, you have to reverse the degeneration process. If you can stop the degeneration and even correct some of it, your pain will be reduced and your body can begin the process of healing itself like it was designed to do!

Why other treatments have failed you

This is why many other treatments don’t work. Supplements, medications, injections, and even surgery don’t correct the fundamental degeneration issue occurring in your spine. That’s why many of these treatments are considered pain management. They have nothing to do with healing the cause of the pain, but only managing the pain by masking it temporarily.

The Solution

Renuva’s CoreCareTM Protocol

The truth is that 90% of back pain can be resolved without surgery if you are willing to engage in treatment that helps the back to heal itself. And that’s what we do at Renuva Back and Pain Centers. Founder, Dr. Michael Riley, D.C., spent the past decade working with researchers to find real medical solutions which treat the causes of pain. As a result, CoreCare was developed and has helped thousands of pain suffers by using FDA approved leading edge technology and scientific protocols that past generations would have given anything to have.

DISCLAIMER: CoreCare is no miracle cure. It is a methodical, tested, proven, and scientific approach to actually healing your pain by correcting the fundamental biomechanical issues happening right now in your body.

CoreCare focuses on three keys to relieving pain and correcting the underlying problem:

1. Treating the source of the pain to achieve relief as fast as possible.

2. Improving structure and strength.

3. Restoring healthy function.

I can explain how in detail during your initial visit.

Does CoreCare really work?

I’m not going to tell you that CoreCare can cure you. However, I can tell you 96% of our patients would recommend Renuva to their family and friends. Take Margie for example. She came to Renuva with crippling back pain. She couldn’t work in her profession in home health and could no longer do any of the activities she loved. She was imprisoned by her pain. She tried exercising and physical therapy. She went to physician after physician, but she was only prescribed pain pills. She hated how medication made her feel and hated that she could no longer do the activities she enjoyed. Her goal was pretty simple: get off pain pills. With her background in healthcare, she was determined to find a better way to treat her pain, and that’s when she found Renuva. She was amazed out how much relief she got from CoreCare. She immediately went back to working her job. Even after a year since her treatments, she can walk, stand, clean, and do laundry. She can walk up and down the steps. She’s now free from the prison of her pain and is back to enjoying life. Margie is not the only one! You can hear Margie’s story and stories just like hers at

How to See if CoreCare Will Work For You

At Renuva, we are in the business of life transformation. We want you to get your life back. The only way to find out if CoreCare will work for you is to schedule a CoreCare examination. You will be greeted by one of our friendly staff who can find the next appointment that works best for your schedule. When you call, be sure to have your schedule ready. Due to time limitations, and to make sure every patient gets the best care possible, appointments are limited, so be sure to get your appointment before our schedule fills up!

Our CoreCare examination includes the following:

• An in-depth consultation about your health and well-being where I will listen…really listen., .to the details of your case.

• A complete neuromuscular evaluation and x-rays, if needed, to determine if a spinal problem is contributing to your pain or symptoms…(NOTE: These would normally cost you at least $100).

• A thorough analysis of our findings and an explanation of what’s causing your pain so we can start mapping out your treatment plan. If you’re not a candidate for CoreCare, I promise to tell you.

• Plus two treatments to see if we can help!

Benefits of Renuva’s CoreCare treatment protocol:

1. No need for surgery or medication

2. No recovery time

3. Relieve pain as quickly as possible

4. Improve structure, strength, mobility, and range of motion

5. Restore healthy function

6. Promote healing, not masking the pain

Imagine getting your life back and freeing yourself from the prison of pain. Don’t you owe it to yourself to see if CoreCare will work for you?

A $257 value that we are offering to you today for $59

We give second opinions. Treatments are covered by most insurance and Medicare.