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Why is Back Pain So Hard to Treat?

Dr. Michael Riley, D.C.
Founder, Renuva Back & Pain Centers

riley Why is Back Pain So Hard to Treat?
Michael D. Riley, DC

Living with back pain, muscle spasms and shooting leg pain can feel like a crippling experience. Nothing’s worse than feeling great mentally, but physically feeling held back from life because the pain just won’t go away.

I know exactly what it’s like to be put out by back pain and have to sit on the sidelines and watch life pass you by.

Many back pain sufferers struggle to find lasting relief with physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, or pain management alone.  Plus, many patients experience harmful side effects from medications or failed surgical procedures.

The problem is that back pain is a symptom of a medical condition, not a diagnosis.  Often, the symptoms are treated but the biomechanical and physiological conditions causing the back pain are not.

Pain is one of the greatest health care disasters in our lifetime.  Medication, supplements, shots, and surgery have failed to cure the cause of pain and may even exacerbate the problem!

I know you are probably frustrated because of your pain, and maybe you feel down because you’ve tried other cures, treatments, and maybe even surgery and none of these treatments have worked.  You may even be embarrassed because you can’t participate in activities with your family as you would like. All of these feelings you experience are completely valid, normal, and common with almost every patient I see.

Don’t lose hope!

I know how frustrating it is to have hope that a treatment, drug, or supplement is going to cure you, but it doesn’t.  You spend your hard earned money on something that doesn’t work only to be continually let down by claims of healing that just don’t happen.

You are also probably a little distrusting of any new treatment claiming it can treat your pain or make you feel better.  I get it.

Have supplements, prescription pain pills, shots, pain treatments, or even surgery failed to ease your pain?  Have you tried everything, but received no relief? Have you been let down over and over again by unmet promises?

There is no miracle cure.  I’m certainly not going to claim that I have a miracle cure either, but there is hope!  Patients are getting relief from back pain and returning to the things they enjoy.

The Cause of Most Back Pain

treatment 150x150 Why is Back Pain So Hard to Treat?

But, before I tell you about this exclusive treatment for back pain, let’s start with what causes most back pain.

Over time, due to injury, poor posture and other complications, the disc in your spine compress, become misaligned, bulge and start degenerating.  As the disc bulge they put pressure on the nerves causing irritation which sends pain signals that can become chronic.

In order to relieve the pain, you have to address the degeneration process.  If you can stop the degeneration and even correct it, your pain will be reduced and your body can begin the process of healing itself like it was designed to do.

Why Other Treatments Have Failed You

This is why many back pain treatments don’t work.  Supplements, medications, injections, and even surgery don’t correct the fundamental degeneration issue occurring in your spine.

That’s why many of these treatments are considered pain management.  They have nothing to do with healing the cause of the pain, but only managing the pain by masking it temporarily.

Typical most back pain treatment plans start with medicine and injections, and eventually lead to surgery.  Some patients find a little relief with traditional chiropractic therapy and physical therapy, but unless you go with enough frequency, the lasting effect will be minimal.

Why You Shouldn’t Take Medications, Supplements or Nerve Blockers

Until now, there have been a lot of prescription pain medications with troublesome or addicting side effects. Plus, there have been loads of individual supplements that give you so-so results for your pain.

Sometimes, the results you got were so subtle and insignificant for a few moments you thought your symptoms had faded or, perhaps, had gone away on their own.

But, eventually, the symptoms return.

Drug and supplement companies continue to profit from your pain.  The pain is so bad that you will do anything to get relief. Not even considering the fact that supplements and pain medications are addictive and have awful side effects, they merely mask the pain and do not treat the cause of the problem.  While your pain is masked, you return to normal activity which can cause more damage and make things worse!

Before You Consider Going Under the Knife

You should seriously consider getting surgery.  Just like supplements and medication, surgery is not a silver bullet cure in most cases.

Studies show that there are 600,000-plus disk surgeries that are performed in the United States annually (a significant increase of late), as many as 90 percent are unnecessary and ineffective.

In 2010, researchers reviewed records from 1,450 patients in the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation database who had diagnoses of disc degeneration and disc herniation. Half of the patients had surgery to fuse two or more vertebrae in the hopes of resolving their low back pain. The other half had no surgery, even though they had comparable diagnoses.

After two years, only 26 percent of those who had surgery had returned to work, compared to 67 percent of patients who did not have surgery. Of the lumbar fusion subjects, 36 percent had complications and 27 percent required another operation. Permanent disability rates were 11 percent for patients undergoing surgery, compared to only 2 percent for patients who did not undergo surgery. In what might be the most troubling finding, researchers determined there was a 41 percent increase in the use of painkillers, with 76 percent of surgery patients continuing opioid use after surgery.

The study provides clear evidence that for many patients, fusion surgeries designed to alleviate pain from degenerating discs do not work

Surgery doesn’t provide a long-term fix for the fundamental problem.  Surgery can also result in reduced mobility, stiffness, and continuing pain, also known as “failed-back syndrome.”  Surgery is also associated with risks, and the outcome in many patients is unpredictable. Surgery requires additional pain medications during recovery, and recovery times can be weeks or months before your function is restored.

The truth is that 90 percent of back pain can be resolved without surgery if both doctors and patients are willing to try other treatments that basically help the back to heal itself.

The Solution: CoreCare

After watching my mom suffer from chronic pain for two decades with little relief from traditional treatments I became a doctor and began working with researchers to find real medical solutions that treat the cause of back pain.  As a result, CoreCare was developed and has helped thousands suffering from back pain.

CoreCare is a 5-phase, non-surgical and drug-free treatment that combines FDA cleared technology with science based treatment methodologies.

CoreCare focuses on three keys to relieving back pain and correcting the underlying problem:

  1. Treat the source of the pain to achieve relief as fast as possible.  Treating the source of pain involves removing pressure on the nerves, reducing inflammation and optimizing the body’s natural healing processes, such as ATP production in the cells.
  1. Improve structure and strength to fight against and prevent degenerative related conditions that cause pain.  This involves slowing or reversing degeneration by increasing range of motion, strengthening the muscles in your core, and improving your posture to restore natural biomechanics.  
  1. Restore function so the body can heal properly and fight against disease related conditions that cause pain which may involve improving nutrition, removing toxins, and reducing interferences within the nervous system.

CoreCare is no miracle cure.  It is a methodical and scientific approach to actually healing your back pain by correcting the fundamental biomechanical issues happening in your body.

Finally, You Have an Option Other than Drugs or Surgery

So, what does CoreCare include? It’s hard to fully explain a medical treatment without seeing it first hand, but new research in a treatment called Photobiomodulation (PBM) is having a profound effect on patients suffering with back pain.  PBM Therapy has thousands of papers published on it, and been shown to aid in damaged tissue regeneration, decrease inflammation, relieve pain and boost the immune system.

20130412 Renuva 0540 150x150 Why is Back Pain So Hard to Treat?
PBM Therapy at Renuva Back & Pain Centers

Before the FDA would approve Class IV Lasers for PBM Therapy they required evidence that it was safe for use on humans. This lead to studies on safety but also numerous studies on the effectiveness of PBM Therapy. One study from Lasers in Surgery and Medicine found that 70% of back pain patients who received PBM Therapy maintained pain relief at their 1 month follow-up vs. only 28% of back pain patients who received a Lidocaine injection.

Another study by the American College of Physicians found that pain medication and steroids were limited in improving pain outcomes or treating low back pain. For patients with chronic low back pain, ACP recommends that physicians and patients initially select non-drug therapies like multi-disciplinary rehabilitation, PBM Therapy and spinal manipulation – all of which are included in Renuva’s 5-phase CoreCare treatment protocol.

How to See if CoreCare Will Work For You

At Renuva, we are in the business of life transformation.  We don’t just want to treat your back pain, we want to help you get your life back.

The only way to find out if CoreCare will work for you is to schedule an appointment.  We want to make scheduling easy and accessible for everyone. That’s why we offer our CoreCare exam for only $39 and include two CoreCare treatments so you can see and experience it first hand.

What is included in the CoreCare exam?

  • An in-depth consultation about your back pain where we will listen…really listen…to the details of your case.
  • A complete neuromuscular evaluation and digital x-rays (if needed) to help make an objective and accurate diagnosis of what exactly is causing your back pain.
  • A thorough analysis of our findings so we can start mapping out your treatment plan.  If you’re not a candidate for CoreCare we will tell you.
  • Plus, two CoreCare treatments to see if we can help.

This is a $257 value that we offer for only $39.

Here’s the best part: if you are not a candidate for CoreCare, we’ll even refund your $39.

What do you have to lose?  You owe it to yourself to see if CoreCare will work for you.

Call us to schedule 855-573-6882 or Click Here To Claim Your $39* Back Pain special offer with Renuva

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What to Expect


Here is everything you should expect during the initial $39* visit:

  • An in-depth consultation about your pain and case history.
  • A complete neuromuscular evaluation (including X-Rays, if needed).
  • A thorough analysis of the Doctor’s findings to determine if Renuva can help.
  • Two CoreCare treatments so you can experience the treatments firsthand.

Our Promise to Patients



    At your consultation, we’ll listen to your unique case so we can understand your history and how your pain is preventing you from doing the things you want and need to do.


    Questions such as:
    What is causing my pain? Can Renuva help my pain?
    How do the treatments work? How many treatments will I need? You can even ask us our thoughts about the current season of Dancing With the Stars!


    If Renuva’s CoreCare™ treatments are not right for you, we’ll tell you and help you find another doctor or treatment, if possible.

Call to schedule your appointment
AND 2 treatments for only $39*


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