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Pain in the Back, Legs, Neck, Arms, or Hands? It Could Be Spinal Stenosis…

As human beings, we’re incredibly resilient… sometimes without realizing just how much we’re attempting to overcome. When we not only brush off serious pain in our backs, legs, necks, arms, or hands, but also try to deal with the pain every single day without seeing a physician, it’s impressive… and unfortunately, incredibly dangerous.

3 Renuva 300x200 Pain in the Back, Legs, Neck, Arms, or Hands? It Could Be Spinal Stenosis...Could It Be Spinal Stenosis?

When there’s a narrowing of our spinal canal due to a herniated or bulging disc, or an injury (that could’ve occurred several years ago), it puts intense pressure on our spinal cords and nerves. It usually happens in our necks and lower backs, causing pain in our backs, legs, necks, arms, and hands… and of course, because our nerves are being squeezed, we can experience numbness and tingling. This is why neck and back pain shouldn’t be ignored nor should we fall prey to the phrase, “It’s probably just a pinched nerve.” Our spine and nerves are too important!

What Cliches Have to Do with Spinal Stenosis

When someone comes across as a coward, how do we typically describe them? Spineless.

When someone comes across unfeeling or uncaring, what do we typically say? “Oh, the Nerve!”

We may not realize this, but we say these things because that’s how important our spine and nerves are. Without properly functioning spines, WE don’t function. And, of course, without properly functioning nerves, our skin, sensitivity, muscle strength, and so much more become damaged… sometimes permanently. It’s why the cliche of being the “backbone” of something alludes to strength, support and structure.

Without a strong spine and functioning nerves, we could experience serious conditions such as sciatica, foot drop, trouble standing or walking, hunchback due to poor posture, and even loss of bladder or bowel control.

At Renuva, we’ve treated thousands with spinal stenosis. Why not let us see if we can help you?

Are You A Good Candidate for CoreCare at Renuva?

We’ll tell you if our CoreCare™ therapy is a good fit for your condition and invite you to participate in two treatment sessions so you can decide if you want to work with us. And, for a limited time, we are offering all of that (new patient exam including x-rays, consultation, and two treatments) for just $39. Click here to set up your appointment. Or, if you prefer, call us to schedule at 855-573-6882 and mention this special deal.

For more information call Renuva at 855-573-6882 or Click Here To Claim Your $39* Spinal Stenosis Offer

39 Promo Box 2 300x201 Pain in the Back, Legs, Neck, Arms, or Hands? It Could Be Spinal Stenosis...

Want to see what actual patients have experienced with Renuva’s non-surgical and drug-free CoreCare™ treatments? Click here  to see how patients reported an average 84% reduction in their need to see doctors for their pain along with more great results! Or, click here  to see reviews from individual patients.

What to Expect


Here is everything you should expect during the initial $39* visit:

  • An in-depth consultation about your pain and case history.
  • A complete neuromuscular evaluation (including X-Rays, if needed).
  • A thorough analysis of the Doctor’s findings to determine if Renuva can help.
  • Two CoreCare treatments so you can experience the treatments firsthand.

Our Promise to Patients



    At your consultation, we’ll listen to your unique case so we can understand your history and how your pain is preventing you from doing the things you want and need to do.


    Questions such as:
    What is causing my pain? Can Renuva help my pain?
    How do the treatments work? How many treatments will I need? You can even ask us our thoughts about the current season of Dancing With the Stars!


    If Renuva’s CoreCare™ treatments are not right for you, we’ll tell you and help you find another doctor or treatment, if possible.

Call to schedule your appointment
AND 2 treatments for only $39*


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What Our Patients Say: 96% of our patients say they would recommend Renuva to their family and friends.

Hear what real patients have to say about their experiences with the CoreCare™ treatment protocol.

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