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How Soon Can You Get Relief from Sciatica Pain?

By: Dr. Michael Riley, DC
Founder, Renuva Back & Pain Centers

riley How Soon Can You Get Relief from Sciatica Pain?

At Renuva, we see many patients who have struggled for a long time with Sciatica pain. This radiating pain is caused by pressure on nerve roots but can extend from the lower back all the way through the leg and sometimes down to the feet and toes.

Sciatica pain can be especially difficult to live with because it often worsens while sitting. Additionally, it can cause weakness, numbness, or even difficulty in moving the affected leg or foot. Many people also experience a shooting pain that makes standing up uncomfortable or downright difficult.

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While some doctors opt to treat sciatica pain with drugs, injections or surgery, we like to try a non-invasive, drug-free approach to target the underlying physiological issue that is causing the pain.

Sciatica pain can be caused by a variety of other issues or conditions like muscle spasms, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, or pregnancy, just to name a few.

Each patient is different but most can find real, long-term relief from this pain in just a few weeks with our CoreCare treatment system. This innovative approach allows patients to keep up with their daily lives while working towards healing their pain — not just masking it with habit-forming drugs or injections that offer potentially serious side effects.

We start by doing a complete exam and consultation with one of our chiropractic doctors to get a comprehensive understanding of your condition, medical history, challenges and goals. If our protocol is determined by the doctor to be a good fit, we like to them move forward with two test treatments to ensure you’re comfortable with our protocol.

The CoreCare system is customized to each patient and uses innovative and proven tools and techniques to help the body heal itself. We strive to restore normal biomechanical function while improving strength and structure to eliminate the root cause of sciatica pain.

We’re proud to say that 96% of patients would recommend us to friends and family, and we’d be proud to show you why. In fact, we’re offering a new patient special for a limited time only. For just $39, you’ll get a complete exam including x-rays (if needed), consultation, and TWO treatments. Click here to set up your appointment. Or, if you prefer, call us to schedule at 855-573-6882 and mention this new patient special.

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Want to see what actual patients have experienced with Renuva’s non-surgical and drug-free CoreCare™ treatments? Click here  to see how patients reported an average 84% reduction in their need to see doctors for their pain along with more great results! Or, click here  to see reviews from individual patients.

What to Expect


Here is everything you should expect during the initial $39* visit:

  • An in-depth consultation about your pain and case history.
  • A complete neuromuscular evaluation (including X-Rays, if needed).
  • A thorough analysis of the Doctor’s findings to determine if Renuva can help.
  • Two CoreCare treatments so you can experience the treatments firsthand.

Our Promise to Patients



    At your consultation, we’ll listen to your unique case so we can understand your history and how your pain is preventing you from doing the things you want and need to do.


    Questions such as:
    What is causing my pain? Can Renuva help my pain?
    How do the treatments work? How many treatments will I need? You can even ask us our thoughts about the current season of Dancing With the Stars!


    If Renuva’s CoreCare™ treatments are not right for you, we’ll tell you and help you find another doctor or treatment, if possible.

Call to schedule your appointment
AND 2 treatments for only $39*


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What Our Patients Say: 96% of our patients say they would recommend Renuva to their family and friends.

Hear what real patients have to say about their experiences with the CoreCare™ treatment protocol.

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