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Don’t Let Knee Pain Ruin Your Fall Season

It’s that time of year, again. The leaves are falling, the evenings are cool enough to walk around; but your knees are screaming “NO!!!” You’re tired of sitting inside after a long hot summer. It’s time to do something about those knees! Knee pain often happens gradually. The cartilage in the knee becomes injured and…

People Are Seeking Drug-Free, Surgery-Free Alternatives to Pain

By: Dr. Michael Riley, DC Founder, Renuva Back & Pain Centers More than 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain, according to a recent report. In the United States, pain affects more people than heart disease, diabetes and cancer combined. That’s a whole lot of hurt. There are many options for treating chronic pain….

Turn the Tide on Spinal Stenosis with Renuva

Spinal Stenosis is similar to looking up at a massive wave about to crash down on you… pretty daunting, huh? Here’s why: As your spinal canal narrows, it puts increased pressure on your spine and nerves, almost like squeezing a balloon–eventually, it’s going to pop. It begins with pain in your neck or lower back……

Pain in the Back, Legs, Neck, Arms, or Hands? It Could Be Spinal Stenosis…

As human beings, we’re incredibly resilient… sometimes without realizing just how much we’re attempting to overcome. When we not only brush off serious pain in our backs, legs, necks, arms, or hands, but also try to deal with the pain every single day without seeing a physician, it’s impressive… and unfortunately, incredibly dangerous. Could It…

Never Say This: “It Was Just a Pinched Nerve, I’m Fine Now.”

Ok, it’s no secret, we don’t want to panic over every little ache… we ARE adults, after all. However, there are some issues we should NEVER ignore and Neuropathy is one of them. If you’ve ever said or heard someone say, “It was just a pinched nerve, I’m fine now,” then we hate to be…

What That Pain, Numbness, and Weakness REALLY Mean… And It’s NOT Good

It happened again… a searing pain from the neck through the arm. “What is the deal with that?” Amber asked herself. Later that day, that same arm was tingly and numb while sitting at her desk… but it got worse. When she went home and tried to pick her little one up, her arm was…

How Soon Can You Get Relief from Sciatica Pain?

By: Dr. Michael Riley, DC Founder, Renuva Back & Pain Centers At Renuva, we see many patients who have struggled for a long time with Sciatica pain. This radiating pain is caused by pressure on nerve roots but can extend from the lower back all the way through the leg and sometimes down to the…

Why Isn’t My Knee Pain Treatment Working?

By: Dr. Michael Riley, DC Founder, Renuva Back & Pain Centers If you’re struggling with chronic or recurring knee pain, and you’ve sought treatment unsuccessfully, you may feel like the only choice is to just medicate and try to mask the pain. But, it’s still worth asking the question, “Why isn’t my knee pain treatment…

How to Stop Managing Chronic Neck Pain (and Start Living Pain-Free)

By: Dr. Michael Riley, DC Founder, Renuva Back & Pain Centers As we age, we start to take for granted that some parts of our body just won’t work the way they used to. That there are aches and pains we just need to live with. But, when neck pain becomes chronic, it’s not something…

Should You REALLY Have Surgery to Address Back Pain?

By: Dr. Michael Riley, DC Founder, Renuva Back & Pain Centers Does it really make sense to have surgery to address back pain? It depends on who you ask, and of course, the particular condition and symptoms someone is experiencing. But, the answer about 90% of the time should be: No, it doesn’t make sense…

What to Expect


Here is everything you should expect during the initial $39* visit:

  • An in-depth consultation about your pain and case history.
  • A complete neuromuscular evaluation (including X-Rays, if needed).
  • A thorough analysis of the Doctor’s findings to determine if Renuva can help.
  • Two CoreCare treatments so you can experience the treatments firsthand.

Our Promise to Patients



    At your consultation, we’ll listen to your unique case so we can understand your history and how your pain is preventing you from doing the things you want and need to do.


    Questions such as:
    What is causing my pain? Can Renuva help my pain?
    How do the treatments work? How many treatments will I need? You can even ask us our thoughts about the current season of Dancing With the Stars!


    If Renuva’s CoreCare™ treatments are not right for you, we’ll tell you and help you find another doctor or treatment, if possible.

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